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Vanuatu is among the most popular jurisdictions for international business. Company owners are primarily attracted by the favorable taxation system, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs of entrepreneurial activities.

Simplified company registration procedure in Vanuatu does not require significant cost and time. Starting a business in Vanuatu attracts investors and entrepreneurs from abroad. By registering a company in Vanuatu, it is possible to operate worldwide with a reduced tax burden.

The legislation of the country contributes to the creation of the most favorable environment for offshore business. The financial sector is constantly developing thanks to the capital inflow of international investors. Vanuatu is rightly considered a tax haven for offshore companies.

  • The right to conduct business of any type permitted by law
  • Stability in political and economic spheres
  • Option to hold meetings of shareholders and directors in any state, without being tied to a physical address
  • Legislation focused on attracting international investors
  • No currency control
  • Exemption from domestic tax liability if doing business outside Vanuatu
  • Confidentiality – if business is conducted legally and there are no problems with international laws, personal data of beneficiaries will not be disclosed
  • Signing double tax treaties with a large number of countries
  • Shareholder and director confidentiality preserved through nominee service authorizations

The main advantages of starting a company in Vanuatu:

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Tax system in Vanuatu

Vanuatu tax policy is one of the most favorable in the world. The peculiarity of the tax legislation is the same conditions in relation to foreign entrepreneurs and residents of the state. Storage and turnover of finances are possible in any of the officially established currencies.

The requirements of the legislation provide for accounting, bookkeeping and currency transactions. Annual filing of financial reports is not obligatory. Companies with foreign capital are also not subject to audits.

Key aspects of
international company
taxation in Vanuatu:

  • There is no inheritance tax
  • Company income tax is 0%, exemption is valid for 20 years
  • Income and corporate taxes are not charged when starting
    a new company or acquiring a ready-made business in the country
  • Capital gains tax rate is 0%
  • Mandatory deductions, including stamp duty and royalties,
    are not levied, if profits are earned abroad
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Selecting the company type

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  • Corporation
  • Corp
  • LLP
Company type:
  • Holding
  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Other
Authorised capital:
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