Cookies Policy

Cookies are pieces of data that most often remain in the memory of your device when you browse and use online resources and web services. These files are universally used to operate online resources and/or make them more productive, as well as to generate and provide an informational report and to help personalize advertising and services.  

We may use various tracking systems, such as cookies, web beacons or similar systems, to ensure that the Site functions properly and to make our resource more convenient for Users. By using the Site, you agree that we will use cookies and similar tracking systems in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy.  

Our team (or third parties with our authorization) may use cookies in order to: 

  • streamlining the Site and improving our services based on the following factors: the number of Users who interact with or visit the Site; the availability and number of page views, the relevance of visitor statuses (regular or new); popular options on our Site among our Users, etc;
  • providing individual recommendations of services and advertising, as well as options on our Site, which are based on your activity and views of the resource content; 
  • remembering your activities, avoiding their repetition during the session or granting you the right to resume work with the last synchronized page you viewed;
  • collecting and analyzing information about your activity that is related to our service or third party services. We or any other provider of such collection and analysis service may also share non-personal data with third parties. 

Users have the ability to disable, clean and delete cookies according to the instructions placed on their browser or device.