Cryptocurrency Consulting

Cryptocurrency Consulting

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Cryptocurrency Consulting

Leveraging Mirsatori’s vast experience in corporate legal counseling to adapt to the dynamic blockchain market.

  • Obtaining a license for a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Legal support for mining and cloud mining projects
  • Creating payment services for cryptoprojects
  • Opening bank accounts for cryptocurrency-related activities
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Why choose Mirsatori for cooperation

  • Mirsatori provides customized services for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.
  • We offer comprehensive support in areas such as project structuring, legal support, expert technical advice and marketing.
  • Our experts will develop the best solution for you whether it is a license for cryptocurrency exchanges or a structure for cryptocurrency mining.
  • We provide an advice on individual issues and develop a comprehensive approach to implementation of your large-scale project, taking into account individual requirements and current market trends.

Mirsatori offers quality service for corporate clients as well as for private investors

Corporate clients
Private investors

Let us help you successfully integrate cryptocurrency solutions for your business.

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The services of Mirsatori

Cryptocurrency exchange licenses
Due to the fact that Mirsatori was among the pioneers in the e-money licensing market, we have gained extensive experience in this field and assure comprehensive legal support. Carrying out cryptocurrency and blockchain projects is a complex and multi-step process that requires attention to detail and a professional approach.
ICO / IEO / IDO / STO on a turnkey basis
Mirsatori offers comprehensive legal support for the launch of your token project. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of services: from setting up and structuring your project to handling all legal issues related to ICO, IEO, IDO or STO. As your project develops, we provide timely support in technical and marketing aspects.
Legal regulation of cryptocurrencies
Mirsatori specialists provide detailed advice on the legal status of cryptocurrencies and legal support for blockchain projects in various legal fields. Our lawyers continuously monitor legislative changes related to cryptocurrencies and offer the most relevant and effective solutions available on the market at the moment of client's request.
Cryptocurrency mining
We provide services to set up a legal structure, support the buying and selling process, set up mechanisms for transferring commission to the account, and advise on the placement of mining equipment. Our goal is to make investing in cryptocurrency mining profitable and affordable for our clients with a minimum threshold for entry.
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Cryptocurrency transactions

Creating platforms and e-exchanges for cryptocurrency is becoming a key trend in today’s economy. Mirsatori team has all the necessary knowledge and experience to help you develop a highly secure platform. Our specialist will choose the best jurisdiction for your project, taking into account all necessary regulatory requirements to ensure maximum protection from illegal actions.

We will also offer advice on choosing the right payment solution for your project and will benchmark the various options available on the market to create a complete picture of the possibilities.

Legal aspect of cryptocurrencies

At present, there is no unified international legal system governing cryptocurrencies. Each jurisdiction develops its own approaches: some seek to adapt to the dynamically developing market of digital currencies by creating appropriate regulations, while others prefer to impose strict restrictions or even prohibit activities related to cryptocurrencies and their mining.

Working with Mirsatori gives you peace of mind: the company’s experienced lawyers closely monitor any changes in cryptocurrency regulation legislation, ensuring flawless compliance.

Mirsatori cares about your financial well-being and preserving our reputation!