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Get instant legal advice on:

  • Company registration abroad
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  • Entering an international market
  • Immigration to developed countries
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About MirSatori

About MirSatori

Mirsatori is an international law firm. Being in high demand as a provider of migration services, Mirsatori offers ready-made solutions for immigration and business relocation abroad. Mirsatori’s  team includes lawyers, business analysts, consultants and immigration specialists with a high level of expertise and extensive experience in their field.

The main goal of Mirsatori is to provide full legal support in the process of immigration and/or business relocation to economically stable jurisdictions. The mission of the company is to give people the opportunity to bring their commercial offer to the international market and start a life in developed countries.


  • Full legal support for immigration

  • Collection, processing and translation of all documents

  • Assistance during registration of documents at state authorities

  • Professional accounting advice

  • Effective tools for optimization of tax payments

  • Compliance consulting and assistance in opening bank accounts

  • Personalized adaptation plan for settling in a new country


Residence permit in Hungary

Time frame: 4 months

Cost: from 6 500 EUR

With the support of Mirsatori the applicant chooses a basis for immigration and applies for a residence permit. Hungary residence card is issued for 2 years and can be prolonged.

Company registration in the UAE

Time frame: up to 10 days

Cost: from 4000 EUR

With the help of Mirsatori, the applicant chooses a place for business registration (Free Zone or Mainland), draws up the relevant license, collects documents and opens a company.

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Residence Permit in France

Time frame: up to 6 months

Cost: from 25 000 EUR

With the support of Mirsatori applicant sends an application to La French Tech, get approval and apply for a residence permit. The residence card is issued immediately for 4 years in the French prefecture.

Childbirth in Chile

Cost: from 5000 EUR

Chilean passport for a baby and residence for parents!

A foreign citizen born on the territory of Chile gets a Chilean passport together with a birth certificate. The parents of the child first receive a Chilean residence permit, and after one year of residence they obtain the status of permanent resident. After 3 years since the birth of the child, they become legal citizens of Chile.


  1. 1

    Consultation with a Mirsatori specialist

    During the first consultation, an immigration specialist at Mirsatori explains in detail the popular immigration programs, taking into account the peculiarities of your situation, and answers all your questions.

  2. 2

    Preparing for moving and/or business relocation

    Mirsatori lawyers help you with registration of the company on the territory of the selected jurisdiction, and draw up and submit your documents for obtaining residency status.

  3. 3

    Immigration process

    Mirsatori specialists provide comprehensive support of your immigration to another country, including visa opening, assistance in business registration, and counseling on all the necessary matters.

  4. 4

    Registration of residency

    After you successfully complete all necessary procedures in the selected jurisdiction you receive your residency card.


  • A team
    of professionals

    The company has a team of experienced migration specialists with relevant education obtained in European universities.

  • Support
    at all stages

    Clients are guaranteed comprehensive legal support at all stages of immigration and business relocation.

  • Guarantee
    of confidentiality

    Personal information of clients of the company is reliably protected from disclosure to third parties.

  • Popular immigration

    We work with the most popular residence permit and second citizenship programs as well as business relocation and profitable investment programs.

  • Fulfillment of all

    The company performs all its contractual obligations and always acts in the interest of the client.

  • Handling cases
    of any complexity

    Our specialists take on cases of varying complexity and always find the best solutions.

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