Opening a company <br>in the UAE:

Opening a company
in the UAE:

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The United Arab Emirates today is a rapidly developing state with the latest technologies. The dynamics and speed of economic growth indicate that the country holds a leading position in the Middle East. Now the UAE government is diversifying the economy, betting on the development of industries that are not related to the extraction and processing of gas and oil.

In the world rating, the Arab Emirates occupy a leading position as the best country for business, startups. The areas of the UAE economy most attractive for foreign businessmen are IT, logistics, cryptocurrency, trade, creation of offshore tax-free companies.

Company registration in the UAE: the advantages

Short Company Incorporation Period
Depending on the region chosen, the process of registering a company in the United Arab Emirates requires a minimum of time and it only takes ten days.
Continuous Infrastructure Development
The popularity of the UAE for doing business, including among multinational companies, is largely due to its well-developed infrastructure. Among the advantages of doing business in the country are high-tech communication networks, a large number of sea and air ports and an extensive transportation structure.
Favorable Taxation System
UAE tax legislation is aimed at reducing rates for business. There are no deductions from personal income. If certain requirements are met, companies may also be exempt from paying income tax.
Steadily Developing Economy
The United Arab Emirates is a state with an impeccable business reputation, a leader among the world's countries in terms of ease of conducting any type of business activity. The central spheres of the economy are tourism, oil and gas.
Business with Access to the International Market
The geographical location of the UAE gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to carry out their activities all over the world. In addition, the Arab Emirates is rightly considered a country for the realization of any commercial ideas, the state is called the world's business hub.
Financial Guarantees
The stability and continuous development of the banking system provide foreign entrepreneurs with the opportunity to scale their business quickly, using the most modern financial tools.
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Opening a company in the UAE
in just 10 days

  • Remote company registration
  • Selecting licenses and type of activity
  • Opening a corporate account
  • Selecting the place of incorporation: Free Zone or Mainland
  • Residence visa registration
  • Full legal support
  • Guaranteed result under the contract
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Amount of funds $

up to 50K 150K 250K 500 K 1M+

Key requirements for opening
a company in the UAE

  • Number of shareholders: from 1 to 50.
  • Registration address: real legal address.
  • CEO: minimum 1, and may not be a resident.
  • Financial statements: once every 12 months.

More information on the UAE taxes

  • Tax on Dividends — 0%
    Shareholders of companies registered in the Arab Emirates are exempt from paying tax on dividends.
  • Corporate Tax in the UAE — from 0 to 9%
    Deductions at the rate of 9% are levied on companies with annual income above AED 375,000 (equivalent to about 102,000 USD). No tax is payable on lower profits. The income of legal entities whose activities are registered in one of the UAE free zones may also be exempt from tax.
  • Income Tax — 0%
    In accordance with the current legislation, individuals resident in the United Arab Emirates do not pay income tax.
  • Capital Gains Tax — 0%
    The UAE-registered companies are exempt from paying capital gains tax on the sale of shares and other property.
  • VAT — from 0 to 5%
    Trade operations and services within the state are taxed at the rate of 5%. At the same time, there are several areas of economic activity that are exempt from VAT.

Comprehensive services for
business in the UAE

  • Emirates ID for the owner of the company, employees and family members.
  • Accounting support and audit of the company.
  • Getting tax residency.
  • Full set of services to register and conduct relevant business activities in the UAE.
  • Corporate and personal bank accounts opening.
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Amount of funds $

up to 50K 150K 250K 500 K 1M+

Mainland Company

  • Availability of a physical company office, whether leased or purchased, is mandatory.
  • Availability of Emirates ID for both the owner and all employees of the company.
  • Ability to conduct business activities with 100% foreign capital, there is no need to have a partnership with a UAE citizen.
  • The right to choose 1 of 2000 officially authorized types of business activities.
  • Representation of the company's interests by a service agent in the tax service and other UAE government agencies, with the candidate selected prior to the registration of the business.
  • The ability to conduct commercial activities throughout the country, as well as abroad.

Free Zone Company

  • The list of permitted activities is limited and depends on the FEZ region.
  • Territory of activity - abroad and in the selected UAE Free Zone.
  • Company registration without the involvement of a local service agent.
  • No need to submit auditor's reports.
  • Possibility to choose the amount of authorized capital, which is established by each FEZ.
  • Registration of the company without obligatory personal presence, remotely.
  • Necessity to obtain a license before registration (depending on the FEZ).
  • Availability of a UAE resident card to both owners and employees of the company.

Company registration process

Selection of company name and type of activity
Company registration
Obtaining a business license
Submission of documents for a residence permit
Receiving a residence permit
Opening a bank account
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